My art is an exercise of stumble, an expression of human condition in the least conventional way. Placed within worldliness and empyrean, I share the urgency of those interpreting their existence. There is a veil to lift from the surface of things: art discovers, and things bear a new essence.


My work is conceptual, sculptural and performative:

1-feelings and thoughts are as physical as marble and clay.

2-the world cannot but be sculpted in both tangible and intangible ways.

3-to sculpt the world, the human spirit is trapped in the performative body.


My process is a construction and deconstruction of polymers. I approach the studio as an ongoing exhibition, a mirror of the conditions I am working to express. In this way, I simultaneously use body and mind: where one cannot reach, the other tries -and sometimes they come together. This process of manipulation of both tangible and intangible matter is a sort of alchemical, semiotic and sentimental reconfiguration of some segments from the world.


I would then ultimately define my practice as an act of sculpting: the chisel is the exhibited, the sculpted is the world and the sculpture is their link.